Norwood Clinic:

Why you should stop using a Moisturiser

Moisturisers are composed of water, lipids and proteins mixed in varying proportions to create products that appeal to an array of consumers. The epidermis contains the same ingredients as moisturisers (water, lipids, proteins) made by the skin from elements delivered to skin from the body. For that reason, the external application of the same materials will shut down internal delivery, leading to eventual dependency on the external supply and truly drier, weaker
and more sensitive skin.

Excessive moisturisation of the skin surface can lead to:
• Damaged skin barrier function (intolerance)
• Increased transepidermal water loss (dryness)
• Skin textural irregularities due to suppression of natural skin moisturisation and exfoliation (roughness, dullness and accelerated ageing)

Replacing Moisturisers: Hydration and Calming

Replacing moisturisers with hydration and calming in both ZO Skin Health and ZO Medical skin health restoration is a new concept advocated by Dr. Obagi. The intention is to hydrate skin from within while suppressing inflammation, resulting in skin that is less irritable (the calming effect). Real and permanent skin hydration achieved by hydration and calming encourages patients to continue their treatment.

On the other hand, the blind purchase of skin products without taking skin type and skin needs into account can aggravate existing medical conditions and lead to a delay in consulting with a physician for an effective treatment. Patients who have used inappropriate moisturisers and developed skin “sensitivity” as a result often become difficult patients who tolerate effective treatments poorly and have a high dropout rate.