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Medical Facials

Medical facials can enhance the appearance of your skin, from diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin pigmentation, tone, texture and blemishes as well as renewing hydration and giving skin its youthful glow.

At The London Skin Clinic, we use cutting edge patented technology to induce gentle exfoliation, skin oxygenation, brightening, skin tightening and lifting via 17 different types of medical facial treatments.

Medical facials use higher grade ingredients and non-invasive dermatological procedures to achieve real results in the skin. There are 17 different types of medical facials on offer at The London Skin Clinic , each treatment can be customised to your skin type and can address aged, wrinkled, sun-damaged, dull, dry, loose, acne and rosacea prone skin.

We want your skin to be smooth, firm, tight, even in colour, hydrated and free from disease. Having regular medical facials can help to speed up the cellular turnover rate in your skin,  slowing the ageing process. 
Using a range of aesthetic modalities from acids, radio frequencies, ultrasound and lymphatic drainage our range of medical facials work to ensure you have a a hydrated, barrier function with preserved DNA integrity that can better withstand UV/Environmental damage. 

Immediately after treatment your skin will be radiant.   Within 48 – 72 hours, you’ll notice that your skin is better hydrated and generally looks healthier. That’s because a medical grade facial improves circulation.

Within 28 days after your medical facial, cells regenerate, and you’ll notice the benefits of your medical facial.

You can return to your daily routine straight after your facial. However, you’ll need to avoid excessive sun exposure and tanning beds for a day or two.

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