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Skin clinic Adelaide: Top 5 skin care tips for Autumn

Skin care tips for Autumn

The days are shorter, leaves are starting to fall and the air has a crisp bite to it. It can only mean one thing – Autumn is finally here! Now’s finally the time for chunky scarves, cute boots and of course, an updated skincare routine.

If you are looking in the mirror and noticing changes in your skin this autumn – like dullness, fine lines and wrinkles and changes to the structure of your face, the London Skin Clinic can help. Our skin specialists can give you just the right amount of information and advice so you can achieve real improvements. Even if you are happy with your skin but want to learn how to prevent longer-term ageing, we can help with that too. Book your consultation with us HERE

As the months get cooler, adding some much-needed hydration to your routine will protect your skin this autumn and prepare it for winter. Read on to discover our best skin care tips for Autumn. 

How can the weather affect our skin?

Your skin’s health and appearance depend on one major factor – consistency. But unlike your other organs, your skin is constantly exposed to the changing outside elements. So when the weather suddenly changes – for example, from humid, hot summer to dry, chilly winter – your skin struggles to adapt. In a nutshell, your skin gets a nasty shock to the system.

During the shift from summer to autumn, our skin has to work harder to maintain the right levels of hydration. We also take hotter showers and turn the heat up in our homes. All of this can lead to dry skin, inflammation and even cracks in the outer skin layer. 

We’ve put together our best skin care tips for Autumn.

Use a moisturising cleanser 

Just because the weather is colder, doesn’t mean that there’s more moisture in the air.  In fact, less water evaporates into the atmosphere during dark, cold days. The result? A harsh Autumn climate that makes the air drier, leaving you with chapped lips and dry skin. 

Stay one step ahead of the weather and switch to a more moisturising, hydrating cleanser. Our Hydrating Cleanser for Normal to Dry Skin hydrates and rejuvenates without disrupting the skin’s moisture barrier. Not only does our cleanser soothe, repair and restore your skin, but it also adds an extra layer of hydration to give you the protection you need from the chilly Autumn air.  

Boost your skincare routine with a hydrating mask 

Summer might be over, but the damage it left on your skin isn’t. Spending time in the sun’s beautiful rays while lazing about in the pool can take its toll come Autumn. All that sun, chlorine and salt can leave your skin dry and dehydrated if not treated properly.

Give your skin the boost it needs with London Skin Clinic’s 5 Professional Facial Masques. Every masque collection contains a: 

  • Vitamin C masque 
  • Clearing masque
  • Brightening masque
  • Collagen masque
  • Hydrating masque

Simple enough to use at home, our professional facial masques will leave you feeling like you’ve just walked out of our clinic after a treatment. Our masks are also cruelty, fragrance and mineral oil-free, so you can feel good while you look good.  

All you need to do is cleanse, exfoliate and tone, then apply the masque to your face for 15-30 minutes. Remove and squeeze the remaining liquid from the mask over your face and neck. 

Peel away the damage

In summer our skin is naturally exposed to the sun’s harmful rays, which causes layers of dull, damaged skin to build up on your face. Show your skin some love this autumn and peel away all those layers to reveal softer, brighter skin underneath.

London Skin Clinic’s Enzymatic Peel is a unique at-home peel formulated to exfoliate the surface of the epidermis, improving skin texture and tone. Not only does our peel help to smooth uneven, rough and textured skin, but it also revives dull-looking skin and improves the visible signs of sun damage. 

Simply apply to your cleansed skin and leave for 1-3 hours – or even overnight – then peel off. New skin, new you!     

Defend your skin from the colder weather

Sometimes the best kind of offence is a good defence – especially when it comes to your skin. Your delicate skin needs all the protection it can get from Autumn’s cold air and drastic temperature drops. So get ahead of the game and add another layer of protection with our Daily Power Defense.  

A lightweight lotion designed to help protect and repair all skin types, London Skin Clinic’s antioxidant serum is a must for everyone. Why? Because not only does it improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but it also addresses future damage caused by the nippy Autumn air. By supporting your skin’s natural mechanism to repair damage and protect against future skin damage, our Daily Power Defense will leave your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. 

Repair rough and dry skin with dermal needling

The dry Autumn weather can leave your skin feeling flakey and rough. But it doesn’t have to be that way forever. Our bodies are amazing at healing themselves to give you the skin you’ve always dreamt of. But sometimes they need a helping hand. 

Dermal needling is a powerful skin hydrator that plumps up the area of treatment. It works by activating your skin’s multipotent stem cells and tricking them to believe that there’s been an injury. This encourages your skin to repair itself, leaving you with smoother, younger and more vibrant skin.

At London Skin Clinic, we can adapt the needle length to each treatment zone – unlike a derma roller. And as the pen is vertical, the micro-wounds are rounder, leading to better absorption of growth factors into your skin.

At The London Skin Clinic, we are committed to ensuring that our clients get access to doctor administered, clinically proven skin health products. Start your journey to better skin today by booking your first consultation with us HERE.