Norwood Clinic:

Skin Care Solutions for the Neck + Chest

Have you noticed that most skincare concerns revolve around the facial area? We’re usually worried about skin discolouration, blemishes, wrinkles, and fine lines our face and we focus on facial treatments to improve the areas we think are more visible. Unfortunately, many clients neglect two very important areas that are just as exposed to the elements and as important in treating – the neck and chest.

The skin on your neck and chest receives just as much exposure to the sun and environmental aggressors as your face, but since those areas are constantly being overlooked, they can reveal our age and skin issues prominently.


Similar to how the skin on your arms is different from your face, so is the skin on the neck and chest. The skin in these two areas is thinner, more delicate and they have fewer oil glands, which means less buffering oil against stronger anticipated reactions. If any of your skincare products with active ingredients, such as high-strength retinol, AHA’s or BHA’s have accidentally transferred or spread to the neck and chest, you may have experienced an elevated amount redness, itchiness or even peeling.

If you’ve been neglecting your neck and chest and are starting to notice discolouration, sun spots and wrinkles, start off slow with preventative and corrective ingredients. Anticipated reactions are normal when correcting skin issues, but these should subside with continued use as your skin strengthens.

If you’ve been neglecting your neck and chest and are starting to notice discolouration, sun spots and wrinkles, start off slow with preventative and corrective ingredients

Try these solutions to restore a more youthful, healthy appearance to your neck and chest:


Discoloration from UV rays, like sun spots, is difficult to treat and manage effective, especially on the neck and chest. Use a low strength retinol to restore healthy cellular turnover and to help eliminate surface discoloration.

Newly remastered, Retinol Skin Brightener 1% is the perfect solution with the inclusion of bakuchiol, which provides calming properties while maximizing skin brightening.

Make sure to extend your daily sunscreen application down to your neck and chest, if they are exposed by your clothing, to protect against further sun damage. 


The skin on our chest and neck is just as susceptible to aging as our face. Repetitive motions, like looking down at your phone or sleeping in certain positions, can cause wrinkles. Over time, deeper vertical lines and creases are a normal factor in skin aging but opting for a higher-strength retinol that works deep into the skin can help improve the skin’s appearance.

Wrinkle + Texture Repair features a micro-emulsion delivery system that allows for rapid penetration into the skin to reduce the appearance of deeper wrinkles while visibly improving skin texture. Make sure to build-up to this higher-strength retinol by starting to use it two to three times a week, or by combining it with a skin-calming hydrator, like Fusion Hyaluronic Drops  


Hydration is just as important to your neck and chest, especially in the winter months when those areas of the body are exposed to dropping temperatures and hot, dry air from heaters. Gentle exfoliants, like Enzymatic Peel, can remove the crepey dry skin on your body, just as it does for your face. Plus, soothing emollients like safflower seed oil, will help replenish hydration to begin the skin restoration process.  

If dryness persists, apply a rich, soothing hydrator in your nighttime routine. Products that include ceramides, such as Recovery Crème, can help hydrate and smooth the surface of the skin and restore a healthy skin barrier.

Overall, skin damage can happen on any part of the body—your face and neck, your arms, and shoulders, even your legs. Keeping up a consistent skincare routine, from cleansing, exfoliating to hydrating, is an important step for skin health.